N wat if a private company tuk over bpcl aftr u get hired. How will you try to solve this situation. What, in your opinion, could lead to a complete failure of the entire e-business strategy of companies in the petrochemical industry? So this is case study for selections in Mumbai Refinery. Post GD, there was an interview which lasted around 25 – 30 mins Negotiation No negotiations. Which means loss of profit and money.

With two years remaining of the sentence, I ran away from jail. Answered Sep 10, Their exorbitant prices take them out of reach of common people. The technical interview was a not that difficult as they asked questions on internships and something which we had studied in engg all basics like PLC, DCS, sensors, etc. You are commenting using your WordPress. Just click the link to search.

bpcl case study gd

Soma is the plant Manager. And since he was an old customer so company should not worry about him more. Its all about your performance in the GD and PI.

This GD was for 10 minutes. Interview based on gate score, they shortlist for GD which is a elimination round.

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Topics of Gd rounds are related to current economics and politics. Winner for 31st Oct. Each of the selected candidate was subjected to personal interview for final selection The interview was completely a technical interview with medium level of difficulty.


bpcl case study gd

There was GD in which 35 out of 90 were shortlisted. This way I got through it.

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The technical interview was a not that difficult as they asked questions on internships and something which b;cl had studied in engg all basics like PLC, DCS, sensors, etc. The PI round consist of basic technical questions. Case study based GD they will give for discussion.

We were 14 students and everyone was having less than 1 minute to speak and put forward their opinions. Which means loss csse profit and money. Bharat Petroleum is considered to be a pioneer in Indian petroleum industry with various path-breaking initiatives such as Pure for Sure campaign, Petro card, Fleet card etc.

Group Discussion Topics for So please try to clear it.

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Answered Apr 11, So I was eliminated in the GD. But if you are applying for management trainee position I believe there will not be much technical questions The interviewer also asked about the trend in the market, macro factors and trend in oil prices. E-business helps vase implement and studj supply chain processes in a more effective manner by visualizing information across the entire supply chain, responding to changes like customer demand, etc.

Where there is no proper communication. But it is advised to always use the safety kit for such critical operations. I interviewed at Bharat Petroleum in May Previous 1 cse 3 4 5 Next. Raja is working in the plant. Another potential rea could be current events,including Demonetisation and remonetisation Issues of generl nature unemployment, black money menace etc could be among the topics given for dicussion.


They made me comfortable enuf so dat i cud xplain thngs wid examples n cud express my point of view openly. But at the bpvl and ft underground the effect is zero untill now.

bpcl case study gd

Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate. At first stage they shortlisted everyone who were remaining those not placed for the placement process. View Jobs at Bharat Petroleum. You know that the patients in both the countries cannot afford the high cost of Cock and Bull melon treatment. How do I start a group discussion if the topic of the discussion is “Nothing”?

What are some best tricky group discussion topics? Unfortunately for you, in Maythe MaraGaya syndrome strikes people in America and the MarGaya syndrome strikes pregnant women in Sweden.